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Recovery of a Chiral Resolving Agent


A major international pharmaceutical company launched a new drug to the market. The drug was produced in Europe and during the manufacturing process a chiral resolving agent was used to separate the two enantiomers of an intermediate for the final active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The pharmacutical company had developed a laboratory process for the recovery of the resolving agent but they did not have the spare manufacturing capacity to implement it. They contacted Witton Chemical Company to act as their contract manufacturer and drier. We adapted their outline process to initially work in our existing plant.

The volume of material grew over the following years peaking at over 300 tons per year of resolving agent recovered.


Continual optimisation and improvement is demonstrated by :-yield


The recovery business also required:-


Once the drug was off patent sales declined and their European production ceased as did our recovery operation. However, this customer later approached us to manufacture a different material required by a different European site manufacturing a different drug.

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